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Medical Imaging

The current medical imaging tools and appliances available to doctors, practitioners and researchers are archaic and uninspiring.

We believe personalized care is fundamental to healthcare excellence, rooted in the sacred relationship between physicians and patients.

Our vision is to create a healthcare ecosystem that is interconnected, intelligent, and infinitely adaptable, ensuring that every patient receives the highest standard of care.

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Shipping SuperWorkstation Platform 


Massively Parallel Compute Application Integration


Ecosystem Devices Integration



Future Inspired

Interested? See Specs:

Inference Appliance & Workstation

2048 GB DDR4 RAM Unified Memory

3.0 GHz

High performance and predictable cores

128 CPU Cores

Energy-efficient AI inference acceleration

3840 x 2160 Pixels (4K Resolution)

360 Nits

Lifelike imagery and vivid color

8MP UHD Screen

Superior touch panel

92 GB GDDR6 ECC GPU Unified Memory


Supercharges AI inference

28,416 GPU Cores

High-performance 3D rendering